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Zero 1000W Hybrid Inverter Combo

R 9,999.00


How much battery backup power will I have when the power is off ?
E.g: If you connect 150w which is usually a TV, Wifi, Lights, etc.
This portable system will last 4-5 Hours when fully charged.

12V Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1000w Solar With A Rated Output Of 1000w Constant Power.
Operating Power Of (VAC) 143/275
Built-in Charger To Charge Your Battery When There Is Power
Output Voltage Regulation Voltage Range (VAC) 220/230 ± 10% (automatic adjustment Auto-sensing)
Conversion Time Transfer Time <9ms Waveform Sine Wave (sine)
Frequency Mains: Mains With Frequency Inverter: 60/50Hz ± 0.5

– Pure Sine Wave Inverter
– Power: 1000W
– 120AH Gel Battery
– Voltage: 12VDC
– Charging Current: 30A

 PV Input Voltage Range: 15V-44V
– PV Array Maximum Power: 420W
– Standard With 3 Pin SA Plug Socket
– Brushed Stainless Steel Case With Industrial 360 Degree Swivel Wheels

– This unit comes with a separate built in voltage monitoring device that will trigger an alarm if the battery has reached its depletion Limit. The alarm can then be manually switched off by pushing the green switch next to the inverter on top of the box. It is recomended to switch off the inverter when the alarm is triggered to maintain battery life longevity.