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Stadler Air Purifier With Timer Plastic Black 40W "Roger Little" 7630850300468

R 6,999.00

SKU 7630850300468

Stadler Form Air Purifier Roger Little

Roger Little is an efficient air purifier that filters pollutants and gases from the air and thus provides for a clean and healthy room air. It continuously measures their quality and immediately detects gaseous contamination such as unpleasant odors or volatile organic compounds (VOC). If the air worsens, the air quality display changes the color. If the intelligent auto mode is activated, the mobile room air purifier Roger little automatically adjusts the cleaning performance to the current requirements. The greater the air pollution, the higher the power level the Roger little chooses. The shapely air cleaner is equipped with a washable, textile pre-filter, which filters coarse dust particles and dirt from the air and is equipped with an integrated Sanitized® hygiene function. The heart of the air purifier is the dual filter™ – a combination of H12 HEPA and activated charcoal filters. The HEPA filter part filters pollutants such as fine dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria very efficiently and the active carbon filter adsorbs gases present in the air. Thanks to the timer and the LED that can be switched off, you can sleep comfortably with Roger little!