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by Samsung
R 3,199.00


Samsung Clean Station provides a hygienic cleaning solution for your home. Ensure a more thorough clean by reducing the dust emitted back into the air while automatically emptying your Jet Stick vacuum’s dustbin. The Clean Station features an Anti-Dust Emitting structure and a 5-Layer Filtration system so you can breathe cleaner air in your home.

Easily empty dustbin - Auto Empty Dustbin
Empty the dust from your Jet Cordless Vacuum by simply placing the dustbin on top of the Clean Station for an automatic emptying process.

Ensure a more thorough clean - Anti-Dust Emitting Structure
Get a more thorough clean when emptying your dustbin with the Anti-Dust Emitting structure, which prevents ultrafine dust from being released back into the air.

Auto Empty Dustbin
Anti Dust Emitting Structure
99.999% Multi-layered Filtration System