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Magneto Rechargeable Lithium LED Lantern

R 299.00


Perfect for power failures, the ultra-bright Magneto Lithium-Ion LED Lantern is the most reliable emergency light available, switching on automatically when the power goes out. With an impressive shine time of up to 20 hours of super-bright light, the 10 000mAh battery is one of its shining features. The Magneto Lithium LED Lantern has been designed with a USB Type C port, allowing you to charge and use it simultaneously. And as an added bonus, it can be used to charge most mobile phones. Shop this quality lithium light and enjoy shipping straight to your door – nationwide!

  • Huge 10 000mAh Lithium-Ion battery for a more powerful, longer-lasting maximum brightness
  • Ultra-bright illumination with 850 Lumens
  • Switches on automatically during power outages**
  • USB output can charge most phones to 100%***
  •  USB Type-C input for more accessible charging****
  • 3 Modes: Emergency, Power-Saver and Ultra-Bright
  • Advanced battery protection with built-in discharge and overcharge circuits.
  • Easily install on a wall, inside cupboards, under stairs etc. with integrated wall-hanging mounts
  • Compatible with 9V solar panels (not included) for charging

*Consists of two Lithium-Ion batteries at 5000mAh max capacity each

**When plugged in to wall socket

***1.5 amp, short charge only. See user manual for more details

****Only includes USB Type-C charging cable. No wall charger included