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Magneto Night Explorer LED Headlamp

by Tevo
R 99.00

  • Extra bright: The Magneto DBK226 Night Explorer Head Light is extra bright emitting a potent 120 lumens of illumintation. Shining over 40 metres in high mode and providing up to 50 hours of light in low mode, it’s a must-have in your home.
  • Ergonomic design: Complete with a high quality adjustable headband and 4 unique lighting modes-Bright, Medium, Red Static and Red Pulse-the Magneto Night Explorer LED Headlight is ultra- versatile.
  • All-purpose, all the time: Thanks to the 4 unique lighting modes, the Magneto Night Explorer LED Headlight is perfect for camping, fishing and hiking as well as being super-handy in case of emergencies, power cuts or breakdowns.
  • Batteries included: Each Magneto Night Explorer LED Headlight includes 3X Magneto AAA batteries.