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Magneto High Surge Fridge Guard Plug

R 239.00


Uniquely engineered to protect your fridge. Enhance the longevity of your fridges & freezers by using the magneto® fridge guard. the high surge protection ensures the safety of your fridge by shielding it from energy surges & low voltage, preventing permanent damage. How does it work? The Magneto® Fridge Guard is an automated voltage protector that protects your fridge, freezer or cooler from damage caused by unexpected changes in voltage levels. the led lights show the surge protector’s status: on (indicates normal voltage), wait (precautionary 4-minute standby period after voltage has returned to normal levels), or off (when your appliance is being protected from unsafe voltage). Added safety. With a built-in auto safety shutter outlet that prevents children from inserting their fingers or objects into plug sockets. Warranty. We confidently back our Magneto® Fridge Guard high surge & voltage fridge protector by offering a R50,000 warranty to cover the items that it protects. For terms and conditions, please ensure you read through the information presented when registering your warranty.

  • High Surge Protection: 1200 joules emergency light
  • 250V/16A (4000W) maximum load
  • 1 x 16A 3-pin outlet
  • Uniquely engineered to protect your fridge from power surges
  • Also protects against low-voltage Brown-outs
  • Voltage monitoring technology
  • Space-saving, slimline design
  • Strong, durable polycarbonate build
  • Fireproof casing
  • Child-safe, auto-shutter outlet
  • Illuminating LEDs showing protection status & standby mode