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Magneto High Surge 2-Way Adapter Plug

R 175.00


High protection. Prolong the lifespan of your appliances by protecting them with the Magneto® Surge Protector 2-Way High Surge Protection Adaptor. This High Surge Protection adaptor automatically protects your electronics & appliances from unexpected electricity surges & low voltage levels, which can result in irreparable damage. How does it work? The Magneto® Surge Protector adaptor will absorb the high surge & not allow it through to the connected devices & appliances. The LED indicator light will no longer illuminate after this, showing that the adaptor has served its purpose of protecting your devices & appliances from the surge. Replace the Surge Protector adaptor for continued protection. Don't risk it! For protection that’s also suited to appliances & equipment operating under load, such as refrigerators & air conditioning units, (terms & conditions apply), which can contain electric motors & compressors, are particularly vulnerable to damage from over or under voltages. For domestic use only. Added safety. With built-in auto safety shutter outlets that prevent children from inserting their fingers or objects into plug sockets. Warranty. We confidently back our Magneto® Surge Protector 2-Way High Surge Protection Adaptor by offering a R50,000 warranty to cover the items that it protects.

  • High Surge Protection: 1200 joules emergency light
  • 2-Way adapter
  • 250V/16A (4000W) maximum load
  • Strong, durable polycarbonate casing
  • Fireproof/flame retardant case
  • Child safe - auto safety shutter outlets
  • Illuminating LED showing active Surge Protection
  • For domestic use only