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Ferre 600MM 4 Burner Black Gas Hob - KA023

by Ferre
R 3,499.00



Introducing the Ferre 600MM 4 Burner Black Gas Hob - KA023: Your Kitchen's New Culinary Hub

Elevate your cooking experience with the Ferre 600MM 4 Burner Black Gas Hob - KA023, a sleek and powerful addition to your kitchen. This stylish gas hob is designed to meet the demands of modern cooking while adding a touch of elegance to your culinary space.

Key Features:

4 Gas Burners: With four high-performance gas burners at your disposal, you have the flexibility to simultaneously prepare a variety of dishes, from delicate sauces to sizzling stir-fries. The burners are strategically spaced for optimal efficiency, ensuring even heat distribution and reliable performance.

Cast Iron Pot Supports: The robust cast iron pot supports provide a stable and durable surface for your pots and pans. They are not only easy to clean but also offer excellent support, giving you the peace of mind you need when cooking your favorite meals.

Automatic Ignition: Say goodbye to the hassle of matches or lighters. The Ferre KA023 Gas Hob features an automatic ignition system that allows you to effortlessly ignite the burners with a simple turn of the knob. No more fumbling for the perfect flame - just quick and convenient cooking at your fingertips.

Flame Failure Device: Safety is a top priority in the kitchen, and the Ferre KA023 Gas Hob ensures your peace of mind with its built-in flame failure device. This smart safety feature automatically shuts off the gas supply in the event of an accidental flame extinguishment, reducing the risk of gas leaks and potential hazards.

Black Glass Elegance: The Ferre KA023 Gas Hob boasts a stunning black glass surface that not only enhances the visual appeal of your kitchen but also adds a touch of modern sophistication. This premium finish is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your gas hob looks as good as new even after repeated use.

600mm Width: With a 600mm width, this gas hob is designed to seamlessly fit into most standard kitchen countertops. Its compact size maximizes your cooking area while minimizing its footprint, making it ideal for both small and spacious kitchens.

The Ferre 600MM 4 Burner Black Gas Hob - KA023 combines functionality, safety, and style to revolutionize your cooking space. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a culinary enthusiast, this gas hob is your ticket to culinary excellence. Elevate your kitchen and your cooking experience - bring home the Ferre KA023 Gas Hob today!

What's in the box
1 x Ferre 600MM 4 Burner Black Gas Hob - KA023