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CS150 3 in 1 Display Cleaner Spray

by Astrum
R 99.00

SKU A72515-B

Astrum CS150 3-in-1 cleaning kit, the 3-piece cleaning contains the essential items necessary for the proper maintenance and care of your equipment. It easily cleans dirt and dust. Effectively removes smudges and fingerprints from lenses, LCD, and other optics.

Top Quality 2 in 1 screen wiper supplied with high-quality spray to clean your LCD or LED properly and the transparent cover protects the microfiber cleaning cloth from dust and dirt.

Carry it with you anywhere, anytime due to its portable and pocket-sized design, and clean any screen with ease. Streak-free screen cleaner – designed to remove grease, smudges, and fingerprints without harming your screen coating or device.

It comes with 100ml refill liquid along with a washable wipe cover and protection case, making it convenient to refill and use anytime.


– 2 in 1 screen wiper with spray
– Pocket sized and portable you can carry it anywhere with you
– With transparent cover which protects the microfiber cleaning cloth
– Easy to use just spray and wipe
– Wipe off bacteria, finger prints and oil residues on your screen
– Comes with re-filling cleaning liquid spray